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8 on March 3 and appeared to be getting closer after the two became friends last year.“Sam and Adam have been friends for a while and often text each other but seem to have grown closer recently,” a source revealed to the of Lambert and Smith’s relationship.“I think the world could handle it,” Lambert teased of an Adam and Sam collaboration. I would be up for an all-male duet if the song was great and the artist was right,” Adam coyly added.Lambert also gushed about Smith to Australia’s last year, where he described Sam as “amazing” and revealed that the two often text each other to discuss their similarities, including being openly gay in the music business music. We text each other every once in a while about that.You can say one thing in an interview after talking for 20 minutes, and all of a sudden, that becomes the only headline.So in order to try and make the interview about music you have to start saying: ‘I don’t want to talk about that,’ and it’s a shame. it is a bit meloncholy and a bit spooky in the beginning, but then that beat kicks in and it's so euphoric and it makes you wanna dance.Asked what he's looking for in a relationship, Lambert's response is quick. Also acceptance -- that's another big part of it, is kind of saying, 'OK, so I'm single.' 'OK, so I'm alone tonight.' 'OK, so it's not gonna feel the same way every time.' That's OK." "Drama!

“With Sam’s experience, there are some similarities with mine.Lambert told the Daily Star he would love to collaborate with Smith on a romantic duet, confessing that he’s a “big fan” of the multi-Grammy winning Brit. Even if it wasn’t me recording it, I would certainly like to see that happen with someone else.In an interview last year, with Australia’s au Lambert gushed about how “amazing” he thinks Smith is, admitting that the two often text to discuss issues close to their hearts—including, being openly gay in the music business. We text each other every once in a while about that. With Sam’s experience, there are some similarities with mine.“I don’t know what I want in relationships, which is probably the reason I’m pouring my energy into my work,” Adam said at the time.Adam Lambert also opened up about Sam in a candid interview with the , where he confessed that he was “a big fan” of Smith’s work and even hinted that he and Smith may team up in the studio in the not too distant future.

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