Kate gosselin dating steve neild purity in dating relationships

Below left is Kate in April 2008 and right in April 2010.

Kate Gosselin was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 28th of March 1975. She is a German with some Scottish and English roots ethnicity and is of American nationality.

Now, sources claim that Kate’s trying to convince Steve to dump his wife and marry her, and she plans for that marriage to put her back in the spotlight.

In fact, she’s apparently looking for another ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’ type show, except this time with Steve and her slightly more grown-up children.

Photos of the couple spotted together in Philadelphia flooded the internet.

***Scroll down for photos*** Kate Gosselin has been rumored to have had a boob job last year, and a source tells Us Weekly that she consulted with her trusted bodyguard about the procedure.

Steve Neild, Kate's bodyguard of three years and a married father of two, reportedly drove her to the doctor and advised her which sort of surgery to get.

Gosselin has also been recently questioned for spending her twins’ money on cosmetic surgery. The tabloid wrote that she gets 85 percent of her children’s trust fund.

This means that for every 0 in her children’s fund, goes to Gosselin and only goes to the children.

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