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The skeuomorphic relic of i OS 5 bracketed off publications on a dumb shelf in some weird limbo between app and folder.

Its key features included long download times and a maddening inability to delete it or, until i OS 7 came along, even hide it in another folder.

Due to the size and frequency of delivery for most subscriptions, only the most recent issues of the subscription appear in the Cloud on your device.

However, all back issues can be delivered from your computer.

Only credit cards are eligible for payment of subscriptions.

Device availability and frequency of delivery are indicated on the product detail page before you subscribe to a magazine or newspaper.

To keep issues on your device: Kindle e-readers Magazines and newspapers come in a variety of formats in the Kindle Store.

"The more I read, the better it gets at showing me stories I’m interested in."In other words, if Apple News works as promised, it will be the polar opposite of Newsstand.If you have an i OS device, you'll soon have a new way to read news.Apple's latest mobile operating system, i OS 9, goes live today, and brings with it the chance to try Apple’s new newsreader, Apple News.For more information about special access to these publications, go to: You may be eligible to receive the Kindle edition of a magazine at no additional cost after you link your subscription to your Amazon account on your Fire tablet.Access to digital versions of your magazine subscription is determined by the publisher.

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