Rules of dating a soccer player

Therefore, clubs are encouraged to subsidize costs for players in financial need. For more information, visit the The Academy program has been developed over time to create the ideal everyday environment for player development.

The Academy has continually grown and adapted over its 10 years of existence and will use key learnings and best practices for the Girls' Program.

The Academy strongly believes that no player should face a (financial) barrier to play soccer. Soccer offers a scholarship program, open to any full-time Academy player, to assist players with covering Academy travel cost.For example, allowing substitutes to re-enter a match, which is common in high school, club soccer, and collegiate soccer, is not allowed anywhere else in the world, thus the Girls' Academy will align with the rules governing the world's game.Each Academy team plays approximately 25-30 league games, with an additional 6-9 games played at Showcases.The expectation is that Academy clubs move to using a more systematic scouting model to identify and recruit new talents and invite these players to trial for an extended period with the current player pool.Clubs may not charge a registration fee for tryouts, which includes fees for equipment, apparel or etc.

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