Ryeo won dating penelope cruz dating javier

"After discerning that it would be difficult for him to continue promoting, we have decided that his future activities will be suspended in order for him to focus on treatment," the statement said.

And if their star power isn’t enough to cause waves in Hallyu news, their age difference is, because there is a 13-year age difference between the two.

Eventually, Key East — the management foundation serving as entertainment agency for Jung Ryeo Won — came forward with a statement on said rumors, as reported by To be frank, this is not the first time a news site or a writer from a news site, either they be highly credited or tabloid, fabricated a rumor of Hallyu stars dating.

So far this year, numerous sites have done such for Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, the main leads for .

Because of recent news that WINNER’s comeback had been indefinitely suspended due to Nam Tae Hyun’s health conditions, many fans were shocked to hear that he has been in fact dating while the group was forced to take a break from promoting. [ 103, -6] According to his blind item, he's going to leave the group too13.

According to the news article, the two have been dating for a year after meeting through a mutual friend last year. [ 99, -8] So he lied about being sick so he can go around dating for a year?

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