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After four wheeling in the Roosevelt National Forest, we hiked to the summit of Crystal Mountain in Larimer County, Colorado.I was glad to have a little facial insulation on that sunny, yet brisk fall day in the mountains. While spending part of the summer of 2007 overseas, I decided to grow out my hair and beard.I was called every nickname in the book and a few that were new.

If there are, we'll make the subsequent call to see what promotions will be applied if the customer makes a purchase.So upon leaving the service I decided to just "let it go".I've tried a variety of facial hair combinations.So, this picture of me was taken today, but there is more to come for this beard... I am planning two more months of growing my special beard. I seems that I am growing more hair and a different color every time a new one comes in,we shall see what happens,living by myself I just have to wait it out ,till I get tired of it,till then I'll just let it go.I mean I do save a lot of money on shaving cream given the state of this economy. I've always had shadows and a lot of hair, I'm what the ladies call a wolf, a lion, a bear..of these are acceptable.

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